Silventic showcases a stunning range of silver jewellery for men and women. These exquisite pieces carry multiple inspirations structured in classic and ethnic designs each piece is handcrafted with care and some pieces are decorated with colorful stones of Swarovski Marcasite and Gemstones.

Silventic brings you a sparkling bazaar featuring a collection of handcrafted sterling silver jewellery. This exquisite range adds a dash of glamour to an ethnic or western ensemble. Each piece is a perfect accompaniment of both contemporary and ethnic or western ensemble, adding a unique charm to the personality of the wearer. Silver in various forms is popular in every Indian culture. The most significant role is played by it in weddings and birthdays. Other ceremonies which see silver being used as gifts and pooja items for naming ceremony etc and also in Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi.

Sterling Silver Jewellery is quite popular amongst Indian women. Ornaments such as toe rings, heavy kadas are forms of Indian Jewellery.

Most of the old silver jewellery is in demand and fashion now. Oxidized silver jewellery with traditional designs that give an old and rough look is quite popular and is in the market trend.

Silver Jewellery studded with gold, precious and semi-precious stones are quite popular. The main USP of these ornaments is they are lightweight and at reasonable cost. Sterling Silver Jewellery has a good resale value and investment in silver gives good value for money. Silver Jewellery made at Kolhapur (Maharashtra), Salem (Tamil Nadu) and Rajkot (Gujarat) is of traditional design and if light weight. And these jewellery designs are quite popular all across the world and are exported in large quantities.

“Gold’s little brother”, “Poor man’s Gold” and “Common man’s metal” are the frequently referred terms to white metal ornament. Silver often takes a backseat to gold. The Best known example calls gold the money of kings while silver is the money of gentlemen. As we can say, gold is not always the most desired precious metal, but Silver is what most nations crave. India ranks 10th largest economy in the world but the consumption of silver is more than any other country. Estimately 5400 tons of silver is imported to India years back in 2013. And even more than 20% of the world’s silver production is consumed by India.

It is our endeavor to present a wide range of traditional fine silver jewellery and modern silver jewellery across India with their unique inspirations, motifs and techniques, our collection of handcrafted silver jewellery is for exploring uncharted seas.