About Us

About Company:-

A passion for jewellery and a desire for exquisite design is what inspired us to showcase brand Silventic Jewels in year 2019.The name “Silventic” itself signifies that the brand is a pure source of Silver Ornaments.  The USP of Silventic Jewels is we have a complete portfolio of making high-grade 925 Sterling Silver Ornaments for Men and Women. 

As a company we are always focused on to perfection by capturing the hearts and imagination of the people, Silventic Jewels is an assemblage of grace and jewellery pieces are crafted with superlative standards of craftsmanship. The contributors of Silventic Jewels have not only gained trust of the people by giving them purity of the product but also have won hearts of many by their designs. Be it Women Bangles to Men Kada or Women Rings to Men Rings or even Baby Ornaments, Silventic Jewels  has a wide range of Silver Ornaments introduced in the market.

Inspiration can arise from anything and anywhere from open sky to deep blue seas, from breaking geographical barriers to delving into historical events. Drawing inspiration from the boundless wonders of the world, every collection and piece from Silventic’s Sterling Silver Jewellery bring to life magnificent designs. Mention world class craftsmanship and minute attention to detail characterize each of our creations. We make you feel special. 

India’s beauty lies in its diversity. Silventic’s biggest strength are these craftsman who create unique designs just from every nook, with the perfect finish which you won’t find anywhere else in what we bring you through our various designs.

When you gift jewellery you achieve immortality in the heart of your loved one and we are one of the best business families in India with a legacy to fulfil your visions with our unique designs. With a deep understanding of local tastes and preferences, Silventic offers an array of trendy jewellery designs in pure sterling silver or precious stones and semi-precious stones.

We design and create jewellery for the people who “choose happiness” who wholeheartedly embrace the different sides of their personalities and celebrate the little things that make them unique with Silventic Jewels ‘we strive to create a timeless and emotional connection with our customers, to create pieces that are reminiscent of happy memories or special milestones of their lives. For us jewellery is not just an accessory you find pretty- it always means something if we can bring a smile to our customers faces or create a unique accessory which becomes their special favorite item that is loved and cherished over the years we believe we’ve done our job well.