Tips to Fire up your Office Looks

Every woman desires to dress up in a most trendy and fashionable way. However, when fashion and style are concerned at a workplace, dressing becomes a challenging task. All of us know that it is distracting when someone at the workplace wears flashy office outfit with equally fleshy jewelry to match the outfit or trendy pair of bangles that keep making noise. For this reason, few women restrict themselves from wearing jewelry during office hours. Maintaining the office decorum is, of course, important, but doesn’t necessarily mean to sacrifice your styling.

We at Silventic Jewels have a wide array of jewels for office and daily wear which can make you look elegant and stunning combined with your beauty. Before you decide on any outfit or jewelry, first understand the vibe in your office. If your office is more conservative in their dressing, you may not want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself by dressing completely different from the rest. On the contrary, you may want to experiment with your looks if the crowd at work is more liberal with their fashion approach. That said, everyone has their own unique style and the key is to stand out from the rest of the crowd without coming across as the odd one out.

 Office wear jewelry comes into  image when you want to add that little edge to your work attire. While choosing your office wear jewelry, always keep in mind that your clothing and jewelry work as a medium to convey to your co-workers that you are a smart professional who is well put together in both your personal and work life.

If you are looking for stylish yet low-profile jewelry online, find them here. Sterling Silver jewelry have always remained the wise choice of many women, in order to accessorize a formal look. But there exists a collection of other stunning office wear jewelry designs that people are ignorant of the kind. We have selectively chosen those designs that would perfectly match your formal outfit.We always update our collections so that you may never be in scarcity of best options for your jewelry.

It is best to save your big pearls and big studded jewelry pieces for other occasions. If you do wish to wear it to work, consider wearing it to a client meeting or an office lunch or conference. When in doubt, always remember, that less is better.

Avoid wearing stacking bracelets or bangles or anything that jangles to quiet locations, like to meetings where you need to present to the client or to your colleagues. The noise that it would make when you move can be distracting and annoying to others in the room. Even from a functional point of view, wearing something that jangles will only be a source of distraction to you when you are using your keyboard to type something.But you can wear something simple and elegant that may define you the best.

While there are no set rules when it comes to wearing office wear jewelry, it is always better to keep some best practices in mind while dressing for an office environment. Each one of us have our own unique style and the key is to bring this style out without coming across as too loud. A key point to remember is to keep things simple and classy when in doubt.

Silventic Jewels is proud to introduce the Crown Collection that is perfect for any working woman. Our Jewelry collection comprises rings in Sterling Silver- perfect for everyday office wear. 

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