Silver Jewelry for Marriage

Trends of silver jewelry is  being followed and grabbing the attention of the audience not only in India but also around the world. The precious sterling silver jewelry accentuates the look, irrespective of the time, event, wardrobe choice.  Though Gold is mostly preferred in Indian weddings for the grace it gives but Sterling Silver is quickly gaining the momentum. Wearing silver jewelry for marriage is a trending choice of today’s fashionista brides. 

The sheer variety of choice, delicate work and the dynamic of the pricing works in favor of the Silver jewelry. It does not hurt that wearing premium fashion jewelry for wedding seasons is anytime beneficial, as during the shaadi fun and frolic, things often tend to get lost. To avoid the grief of losing an expensive family heirloom or a precious gold or diamond jewelry piece you spent hard earned money on, instead you can opt for high quality fashion jewelry that looks more stunning and costs less. 

Silver jewelry can be worn during the whole wedding season unlike gold jewelry. From ethnic functions like mehndi, sangeet, haldi functions to the actual wedding and even in cocktail parties and brunches, In between errands. From ditching all the desi vibes at cocktail parties with elegant pieces, instead picking pieces that offer prominence to one of these three elements to keep things classy, sassy and wow. 

While gold and fine jewelry has appeal in certain situations, sterling jewelry is timeless. Sterling jewelry is classic for weddings. While many trends in and out, sterling jewelry has stood the test of time for ages. It is a one time investment and especially suitable for marriages because it gives that delicate look on the women, it also keeps up with the fashion goals as it is perpetually trendy. The simplicity of it lends itself to a hassle free accessorizing because it suits all skin tones, which is such a thumbs up situation during weddings, one just does not have to care whether the jewelry will match the outfit or the skin, unlike yellow gold which clashes with outfit color palettes. 

Weddings means traditional outfits and in most of the culture, traditional outfit’s means sarees. Even different types of sarees have different types of silver jewelry bought up by Silventic Jewels as options which are suited for all such ceremonies. If you’re wearing a Banarasi saree or kanjeevaram, multi-color statement jewelry in green, red, diamond and golden hues tend to look best with these looks. If wearing a more experimental cotton saree, or something in more sheer fabrics like Georgette or chiffon you can play around with some contemporary pieces. If you're young and hip, wearing earrings, bracelets and rings that are bigger in size and in which the stonework stands out the most in bright happy colors like yellow and strawberry red, work like a charm.

So folks, break the stereotypes of wearing Gold in the functions and make all people crazy with your collection of classic Sterling Silver by Silventic Jewels.