Resizing your Silver Rings

A proper fit for everything you own is vital especially when it comes to jewelry. Too loose jewelry is always at risk of losing it. And too tight can be uncomfortable and hard to remove. We always have a thought of resizing the jewelry which does not fit properly.

Often, this is the secured, most long term permanent option. However, it's not always the best choice, and temporary solutions can be ideal under limited circumstances.

When Not to Resize Your Ring

If you find your ring spinning or loose to your finger, you should pinpoint the root cause. Fingers can shrink for many reasons, many of them temporary, like cold weather or weight loss.

Also there are circumstances when your ring was first fitted. Something obvious, like pregnancy, would cause your ring to fit more snugly. But the culprit could also be something more unexpected and seemingly trivial, like a high-salt meal right before your sizing. Maybe you're just really tactful to temperature alterations. But if your ring size seems to go up and down with this cause of mercury, a temporary ring adjuster is perfect.

Whether you need an interim solution until you reach your goal weight, or you need something you can take in and out indefinitely in accordance with the weather, read on to learn how to make a ring smaller without resizing.


Jeweler-Applied Ring Sizers

When you think of taking your ring to be resized smaller, you likely think of a permanent pruning in the circumference of the band.

That's not the only option, though. Since every resizing negatively affects the strength of the metal, it's wise to consider adding to the ring instead, which maintains the integrity of the ring. This method is a little more complicated for the jeweler but Silventic Jewels made an affordable choice. 

Sometimes it's not the finger size that is  the problem but rather an enlarged knuckle that prevents the ring being small enough to fit the finger because it has to go over your larger knuckle first! 

There is an amazing solution to that knuckle problem. We can install a replacement shank on your ring that opens and closes like a bangle bracelet. This precision made item is permanently joined to your ring to allow the opening to go over the knuckle and then close to the proper size at the bottom of your finger. This is the best solution for your finest rings, available in Sterling Silver. 

As always we perform this operation on your ring at our in-house service facility. Stop in and we will be happy to show you our best sterling silver collections.

 Ring Sizers to Avoid

You might need a near-instant, cheap method to make your ring smaller. You might thus be tempted by DIY methods that involve adhering something to your ring.

We do not recommend using tape, liquid guard or food-grade silicone to make a ring smaller without resizing as it may reduce the value of your jewelry also it may not cause a good image in the audience wherever you go.

Always remember: The fewer times you resize your ring, the better. Each resize stretches and weakens the metal and eventually, you will increase your chances of damage or loss. (This is why many jewelers offer only one complimentary resize. They encourage customers to avoid resizing multiple times to maintain the integrity of the ring.)